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For Investigators

Brooks Rehabilitation offers the opportunity to conduct clinical studies through its Clinical Research Center. The Brooks Rehabilitation Clinical Research Center remains very committed to supporting a strong program for rehabilitation and disability research, engaging and supporting high quality research projects. Brooks seeks to advance the knowledge and science of rehabilitation, to foster relationships between scientific medical research and the application of rehabilitation principles to clinical practice to improve patient outcomes and to restore hope and improve the quality of life for people with disabling injuries or illness.

Our research over the past 10 years has fostered clinical insight and expertise through feasibility, assessment, outcomes or intervention trials in the areas of: Stroke, Brain Injury, Spinal Cord Injury, Musculoskeletal and Orthopedic Conditions, Pain and Aging.


If you are interested in conducting research at Brooks, please contact Holly Morris, Research Director at (904) 345-7302. All investigators who wish to conduct research at Brooks must submit an Application for Research. This form and other required documentation (listed below) should be submitted electronically to Holly Morris at Holly.Morris@brooksrehab.org. We thank you for your interest in working with the Brooks Clinical Research Center and Brooks Rehabilitation to conduct valuable research leading to improved outcomes for our patients.

1. Application for Research

Part A: Project Information 
Part B: Resource Request
Part C: Project Funding and Proposed Site Budget

2. Protocol

3. Informed Consents(s), if available

4. Curriculum Vitae of Principal Investigator (if not previously submitted)

5. IRB approval letter, if available


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