Free Care

Help support free care for those who are under or un-insured

Our concern for our neighbors, and our mission as a non-profit healthcare provider, inspire us to provide rehabilitation to those who may not otherwise have access to high quality care.

Funding to provide physical rehabilitation for those who are uninsured and underserved has far outpaced our revenue. Our funding goes beyond state requirements, providing more than $2.4 million of free care to eligible patients whose incomes fall below 400% of the federal poverty income level.

Giving to those who need it most - We have donated millions of dollars to care for those who would not have otherwise been able to afford it. Brooks has also enacted billing policies following the best standards recommended by consumer and government experts, providing the same billing rates to un-insured and under-insured patients that we would provide to all of our other payers.

Robert's Story


Our goal for every community member is the same: to get people back to doing the things they love. Brooks employees make the rubber hit the road through the WHEEL Club.

Our commitment to our community goes further and deeper, coming from within the hearts of our employees. Through our WHEEL Club (We're Helping Everyone Experience Life), many Brooks employees contribute directly to fund uninsured care. They also make personal donations and give their time and talents to many non-profit organizations by volunteering at community health events sponsored by Brooks and its partners. For our employees, it's a chance to go above and beyond. For our neighbors with disabilities, it's extra help to get back to the lives they know.

Theresa's Story