Hear first hand from participants in the Brooks Adaptive Sports and Recreation Program.


"This Program makes it possible for you to accomlish your mission in life.  Your Program brings joy and fun to every one of us. Here i am in jacksonville, 60 years old, disabled 12 years and now i'm water skiing and surfing! and you got the pictures to prove it. My life has opened up to realms that i never imagined. Family and friends can't believe what i've been doing. They ask how and who gets this together and "boy i wish i could do that, it sounds like fun". They got that right. For me its a feeling of excitement, comraderie and admiration all contributing to a new quality in my life. I'm very blessed to be part of such an awesome outreach to the community. i've been surfing in my dreams, i'm hooked, i'm surfin usa! "

- GOD bless, Diana Lain




"(Letter to CEO and COO at Brooks) Doug and Michael-

I just wanted to drop both of you a note to say thank you for your commitment and foresight to invest in your Brooks Adaptive Sports And Recreation Program. I know in today’s economy where you choose to make your investments needs to be well thought out. I am a proud volunteer along with several member’s of my wife’s tennis team that supports the Wheelchair Tennis Program which is one of many programs you offer under Alice Krauss’s leadership for our community. I just want to offer my perspective that you have a very capable and tireless employee in Alice Krauss, who through this Brooks Adaptive Sports and Recreation Program, is making a difference in a lot of people’s lives. You should take great pride in the decision you made to fund this Program and each time I have volunteered I get to physically see the true ROI in the eyes of these players—this Program is the basis for these wheelchair bound people to get their life back in order and feel good about themselves. In closing, I just wanted to share how much I have enjoyed helping your program and I always go out of my way to mention your Brooks Health Company and the good work you are doing for the Jacksonville community. I view this Program as being innovative and one that really differentiates Brooks Health from your competition in this area. Thanks."

- Glen Turnes


"I'm just glad to be a part of such a great thing. I absolutely enjoy every minute of playing rugby… This Program is definitely having a positive effect on all of our lives, just look at some photos of me from March and you can see the difference. Not only have I lost weight, but my self esteem is much better, and I have a sense of purpose in life. Before I just went to work and bed. Now I play tennis, basketball and rugby. It just don't get no better than this."
-James Heath
"Rugby saved my life. I spent the first seven years after my injury in my apartment. Then I was invited to play rugby and I have never stopped. It gave me my life back."
-Donnie Wright
"I stayed home for the first four months after 9 mos. in the hospital. I thought my life was over until I found adaptive sports. I started participating in handcycling, rugby ,rowing, tennis and others. I met a lot of people who helped me deal with my disability. If it were not for this Program, I do not know what I would have done."
-Brian Slattery
"I am healthier than I have ever been but that is secondary to the camaraderie and sense of purpose this program provides for me and many others."
-Don Bergman
SSCI –quadriplegia.
"Adaptive sports and recreation has been such a wonderful addition to my life. In 1993 when I returned to Jacksonville after my spinal cord injury, I thought I was the only quadriplegic in the entire city, and I didn't know how I was going to live my life. It took me many years to figure things out for myself and there were many things I just thought I could no longer do. Now all of that has changed thanks to the Brooks Sports and Recreation Program. I'm most active as a member of the Brooks Bandits quad rugby team, and consider it a very large part of my life. Prior to my spinal cord injury I was a very athletic person who enjoyed sports and competition, but after my injury I thought those things were no longer an option. The Brooks Sports and Recreation program has reopened that whole part of my life again and I will be forever grateful for that. I'm currently in the best physical condition since my injury and have been able to lose over 60 lbs as a result of the program. Besides the overall health benefits of participating, I've met some great people and made many new friends. The Brooks Sports and Recreation program has really made a big difference in my life and I know it's made a difference in many others as well."
-Stephen Kenny