They Will Surf Again





Alice Krauss

Program Manger

Scott Brown

Program Coordinator

Jennifer Guss

Program Administrative Assistant


Brooks Adaptive Sports and Recreation Program

(904) 345 - 7314


 More than two dozen individuals with physical disabilities had the opportunity to experience the ocean and to try their hand at surfing recently. They Will Surf Again (TWSA) is a no-cost program underwritten by Life Rolls On (LRO) and generous sponsors such as Brooks Rehabilitation. People of all ages who have a spinal cord injury or other mobility impairment gathered for a day of surfing. – Many of the participants are current and former Brooks patients. Some have not surfed since their injury, some have never surfed at at all.

TWSA connects dozens of volunteers with a handful of injured surfers for a day of excitement, joy, and best of all, surf!

On Saturday, June, 2, more than 200 volunteers from several organizations were on hand to safely guide the surfers to shore.

A wonderful time was had by all. Local sponsors of the event included: Brooks Adaptive Sports and Recreation Program, Sisters of the Sea, Jacksonville Christian Surfers Association and EPIC Surf Ministries.

To take part in future surf events or other weekly adaptive sports activities sponsored by the Brooks Adaptive Sports and Recreation Program contact one of the individuals listed above.