This activity allows individuals to participate on either an indoor rowing machine or on the St. John's River in a specially adapted shell equipped with pontoons.  Both land and water programs use special seats and straps to allow individuals to row regardless of ability.  Any individual with a mobility impairment is eligible to participate in this sport.

Athletes first learn the rowing technique on the indoor rowing machine (known as the ergometer or "erg") before advancing to the water in a double shell (a two person boat) with an experienced rower/coach. If the participant chooses, he or she may advance to rowing in a single shell (a one person boat). Some participants never go on the water but choose to use the indoor erg as an excellent cardio training.



Alice Krauss
Program Manager

Scott Brown

Program Coordinator

Jennifer Guss

Program Administrative Assistant

Brooks Adaptive Sports and Recreation Program
(904) 345-7314



AAA Brooks Adaptive Sports and Recreation does request that you register for water rowing at least one day prior with Scott Brown to ensure we have the required equipment.