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Volunteering helps to provide a service to others and helps the volunteers gain a different perspective of their environment.

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Our Volunteers



Alice Krauss

Program Manager


Scott Brown

Program Coordinator


Jennifer Guss

Program Administrative Assistant



Brooks Adaptive Sports and Recreation Program

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 Brooks Adaptive Sports and Recreation provides opportunities for individuals to volunteer. We have a wide variety of activities where assistance would be welcomed. We are a community outreach program that relies on help from the community. Those volunteers who choose to participate in our program are providing a service to the community and helping improve the quality of life of other individuals. Our volunteers get to see the difference they make as they provide assistance. They are provided the opportunity to experience diversity, meet new people, and gain new experiences. 


Opportunities to Volunteers 


Horseback Riding Event



Each week we hold a variety of activities for participants. For each of these activities we need a minimum amount of volunteers. If these amounts are filled we still encourage individuals to come as spectators and help out as needed.

Volunteer responsibilities at events vary slightly but general include loading/ unloading equipment, registration, food and water services, athlete preparation, transfer assistance, and participation in the sport itself or practice drills. You will not be asked to do anything that you are not comfortable or prepared to do. We will make every attempt to match your interests and skill set with our program needs.

Volunteer Responsibilities and Attire:


Volunteers are expected to arrive about 15 minutes prior to an event.  Their duties will include event set up, loading and unloading equipment, participant transfers, athlete preparation, food/water service, event tear down, assisting participants and families with social and physical engagement in the activity.


Volunteers are expected to wear comfortable, casual clothes, and close-toe shoes.


Thank You for interest in participating as a volunteer with Adaptive Sports and Recreation!