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Community Health

A healthy community means more options - and more accessibility - for everyone.

Brooks Rehabilitation is proud to be a  partner with Northeast Florida Counts. Northeast Florida Counts is a one-stop source of population data and information about community health and healthy communities in general.

In fulfilling the Brooks mission, our community service focuses on advancing rehabilitation research, providing free care, delivering community health programs, and supporting the education of health care professionals.

Advancing Rehabilitation Research
Research provides us with best practices for all aspects of care and encourages recognition and input from institutions in Jacksonville and around the world. The Brooks Center for Rehabilitation Studies in Collaboration with the University of Florida is committed to the investigation of innovative treatment protocols and the utilization of new technologies that will help our patients maximize function and achieve their highest level of independence.

Giving to Those Who Need it Most through Free Care
Brooks has donated millions of dollars to care for those who would not have otherwise been able to afford it. Brooks has also enacted billing policies following the best standards recommended by consumer and government experts, providing the same billing rates to un-insured and under-insured patients that we would provide to all of our other payers.

Sharing Our Expertise through Programs and Events
In addition to offering free health education forums of interest to individuals, employers and healthcare providers, Brooks also delivered more than 30 continuing education programs for healthcare professionals and made donations to local non-profit organizations to sustain important programs and national organizations such as the Ronald McDonald House and the National Multiple Sclerosis Society. We also offer free health screenings in the community and the Brooks Adaptive Sports Program.

Providing Scholarships and Grants
For a vital healthcare community, learning must never stop. Best practices need to be brought to light and shared with the community. As leaders and mentors on the First Coast, Brooks partners with area universities and healthcare institutions to build a workforce of expert healthcare professionals in the fields of nursing, physical therapy, speech-language pathology and occupational therapy. Our efforts are aimed at nurturing existing talent and enhancing and improving the quality of health care today and in the future. Brooks provides scholarships and grant funding to ensure that learning will continue.

Healing Garden
As the most comprehensive rehabilitation services provider in the region, Brooks Rehabilitation has taken a leadership role in reinventing ways to further the care of people needing physical rehabilitation and preventing disabilities.  Brooks Community Health is bringing renewal and restoration to our patients and their families in the form of a healing garden.  The Brooks Rehabilitation Healing Garden is a place for patients and their families to escape the realities of the hospital, if even for a moment, a place where a sense of peace and safety prevails and provides a healing balm for the soul.  You can be a part of the establishment and maintenance of the healing garden through a donation or by purchasing an engraved brick