Luther Delp

Luther Delp was riding his motorcycle four years ago when he was hit by a car at a red light. This accident left him with a broken back, broken ribs, and a severe concussion.  At the age of 59, Luther was in a wheelchair and found he was no longer able to do the activities he found most precious in life…boating and dancing with his wife. 

Luther and Debra have been married for 42 years, and Luther credits Debra for helping him see his accident in a different light. “I see this time in his life as the start of a new chapter; we’re in this together,” says Debra. The encouragement from his wife has been the inspiration for Luther to get out of bed every day and continue living. Luther says, “With the compassion and support of my wife and Adaptive Sports at Brooks Rehabilitation, I am in better shape now than I ever have been.” Adaptive Sports are those played by persons with a disability which may be modified to accommodate specific needs.  Getting involved in Adaptive Sports has sparked Luther’s love for rowing, bowling and many other active sports. “I will always try something at least once,” he says.  With this positive attitude, Luther has enjoyed surfing and placing 2nd in a shoot off archery competition.

Today, Luther finds satisfaction in finding and mentoring new members of the Adaptive Sports program. Luther wants to share his knowledge with others who have been in similar accidents and teach them that they can achieve greatness no matter what their condition. After Luther’s accident he thought he would never be able to enjoy life the way he once did, but he was mistaken. The Delps are in the process of making Luther’s boat wheelchair accessible and Luther is learning how to dance in his wheelchair so he and Debra can dance once again. Between volunteering and participating in adaptive sporting events, he and Debra are out every night of the week.

 Chris Dillon Montana Luther