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Our goal is to provide you with every resource that you will need to recover what you have lost—to help you be you again. We achieve this goal by incorporating the most innovative and advanced rehabilitative technologies into our continuum of care. With devices like the Parastep® System, paralyzed patients have been trained to walk again. These technologies are the advanced tools that will provide you with more possibilities and more opportunities than ever before.

Teaches patients to improve their health and performance by using signals from their own bodies.
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Allows neurologically impaired patients to begin using their hands to perform functional exercises.
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Environmental Control Lab
Through state-of-the-art assistive technology, patients with limited mobility can learn to perform daily activities in new ways.
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Promotes swallowing in patients with dysphagia by applying electrical stimulation to the swallowing muscles.
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Parastep System
Some spinal cord injury patients are standing and actually walking thanks to the Parastep System.
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Wheelchair Clinic
Every patient has different needs. Having a wheelchair made to order is essential.
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