Stroke Continuum of Care

If you need outpatient rehabilitation services after a stroke, you will want to come to Brooks Outpatient Stroke Rehabilitation, located at the Memorial Healthcare Plaza. There, you will be working with one of the most talented teams of therapists in the area. Our team of therapists and staff display genuine passion and attentiveness to working with each patient, while also allowing patients their personal dignity throughout the therapy process.

The stroke rehabilitation program is customized to fit each individual, with a team that works with the patient and family to identify personal goals used to develop a patient-specific, functional treatment plan. And the results are remarkable—just ask our patients. They report improved coordination for walking, being able to drive again, improved ability to communicate with family and friends, being able to return to work or volunteer activities, improved use of their affected arm/hand to help themselves bathe and dress and much more.

Brooks Outpatient Stroke Rehabilitation services range from an intensive Day Treatment program to individual therapies. These services are led by the specialized skills of our Neuropsychologists, Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists, Speech-Language Pathologists and Cognitive Therapists. A board certified physiatrist, a specialized rehabilitation physician, is also available upon request. As with all of our rehabilitation services, the therapy is initiated by a physician's order and determined by patient need. It is not necessary to be a Brooks' inpatient to access the stroke services available through Brooks Rehabilitation's outpatient continuum.

Our therapists have certification in a variety of stroke techniques that will help you with your daily activities such as walking, dressing, bathing, talking and eating. Some of the specialized services that are offered include:

VitalStim – Patients who have trouble swallowing after a stroke will benefit from our VitalStim technology, available through our clinical and research settings.

SaeboFlex – This revolutionary device helps stroke patients regain the use of their hands.

Treadmill Training with Biofeedback – This specialized treadmill provides information to improve the individual’s walking, using visual and/or auditory feedback.

Balance Master  – For higher-level functioning individuals that have difficulty with their balance and walking.

MotoMed – This bicycle works on patient’s arms and legs for strengthening and provides immediate feedback on how much effort each arm/leg is pedaling to encourage active use of the involved arm/leg. Our patients love this machine!

Computer-Based Treatment – This treatment allows patients to work on speech, reading and voice activities with the aid of a computer.

Driver Rehabilitation – Being able to drive is a major key to independence. Our Certified Driving Specialist evaluates and instructs patients on how to drive safely with a disability.

Independent Exercise – After patients have completed their therapy, they are encouraged to continue to work on maintaining or building their skills by joining our Independent Exercise program. For a small fee, they can return to the therapy gym and work out on their specially devised program.

Independence Square – A specially designed environment that contains a bank, ATM machine, functional mobility terrain, boat, putting range, grocery and hardware store to help stroke patients regain these everyday skills.

The Gateway Stroke Club – A support group for stroke survivors – This club provides community-based education and activities, servicing the needs of the stroke survivor and their caregiver(s). This club is open to the community.

Reading For Life Book Club – A book club for stroke survivors and their family members – This club facilitates listening/reading skills and provides for group discussion about the selected book of the month.

The Brooks Rehabilitation Clinical Research Center – a variety of stroke research programs that many stroke survivors can qualify for free of charge.