Stroke Rehabilitation

A stroke can change how you talk, walk—even the way you look. But it can’t change who you are. In fact, it’s this mindset that makes Brooks different. We do everything it takes to get you back home and to the people, places and things that make you, you.

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Realizing your full potential

We have more than 35 years of expertise in stroke rehabilitation. Our comprehensive approach to care begins at Brooks Rehabilitation Hospital—the region’s only rehabilitation hospital. Here, we provide a full range of therapies and a highly trained staff experienced in every aspect of stroke recovery. Our, Stroke program, is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF).  As you progress with your stroke rehabilitation, we offer an intensive Day Treatment program and outpatient therapy to ease the transition from acute care to home. No other rehabilitation program in the area offers you and your family more care, more therapy and more options for stroke treatment.

A stroke program that’s untouchable

The main difference between stroke rehabilitation at Brooks and everywhere else? We put more into your therapy, so you get more out of it.

Stroke Recovery at Brooks Rehabilitation

Care begins for you even before you arrive at Brooks Rehabilitation Hospital. Our specially trained healthcare professionals perform a careful evaluation while you are still in

an acute care hospital. They also answer your questions and help prepare you for admittance to Brooks.

Once you arrive at Brooks Rehabilitation Hospital, you will have direct access to our unique team of rehabilitation experts. This team includes therapists of several disciplines, rehabilitation nurses and our highly qualified board-certified physiatrists, who are medical doctors specializing in physical medicine and rehabilitation. Brooks offers the best patient-to-nurse and patient-to-therapist ratios among rehabilitation providers in the region—resulting in better outcomes.

This same team cares for you throughout your stay at Brooks––to guarantee the highest level of personal attention. Our all-encompassing approach is supportive, encouraging and a positive beginning to your recovery. We also know that family is important to your recovery. Everyone from spouses to siblings is a part of your team.

Together, you and your treatment team will discuss and set your goals so all team members are working in harmony toward the same end result. Your time with Brooks is the first step on your journey back to your home, your life and yourself.

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The quickest route to recovery
We know that intensive therapy helps stroke patients improve more quickly and function more independently than would otherwise be possible. At Brooks, you’ll receive more personally supervised

therapy than you would in other stroke rehabilitation settings. In fact, each weekday you will receive three or more hours of therapy during your inpatient stay. Therapy is spaced throughout the day with nursing care and breaks at regular intervals. In addition, we also provide additional therapy and recreational activities on the weekends. Read more about the therapy options Brooks provides.

Moving forward—one day at a time

Stroke affects each person differently. That’s why we at Brooks Rehabilitation offer a full continuum of care for our stroke patients. Our range of additional therapies and programs can help each and every patient address the unique effects of a stroke—whether the goal is to regain strength and balance for better mobility, return to everyday activities or enhance memory and communication skills.

Research continually proves that, with the right medical rehabilitation, progress isn’t just possible—it’s probable. At Brooks, we share the belief that you can continue—that you can be you again.

A continuum of care

Even when your stay in the hospital is over, Brooks remains committed to helping you grow and succeed with our comprehensive continuum of care.

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Brooks Outpatient Rehabilitation
Outpatient care is essential for many patients following their stay in Brooks Rehabilitation Hospital. Our extensive network of locations makes it convenient too.
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