At Brooks, we measure the success of our youngest patients with giggles, karate kicks and a proud rendition of “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star,” because our goal is for kids to be kids again.

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From our inpatient rehabilitation hospital to our large network of conveniently located outpatient centers, you’ll find our approach is like no other. Here, children are not just little adults. We use therapies that are just right for young bodies and minds. Our team of experts is specially trained in pediatric rehabilitation, so they can assess your child’s abilities and build the right kind of therapy program.

Going to the greatest lengths for our littlest patients

At Brooks Rehabilitation Hospital, we know the best results occur when rehabilitation is comprehensive—addressing all aspects a child’s physical and emotional needs both now and as your child grows. We achieve this through a comprehensive team approach with the whole family in mind.

In addition to therapists, these teams include our highly qualified, board-certified physiatrists—medical doctors who specialize in the field of physical medicine and rehabilitation. All members are skilled in assessing and treating the special needs of children.

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We put kids in the right place

Bright colors, toys and children’s paintings create a cheerful setting for our pediatric inpatients. Also known as “Starport,” our pediatric hospital wing is designed especially for kids highlighting developmentally appropriate equipment and a designated space for pediatric treatment. Our therapists are innovative when it comes to motivating children. It’s not unusual to see a child riding on a tricycle down the hallwaysracing one of the therapists back to the pediatric therapy gym. Children are welcome to leave their mark on the hospital through a personal ceiling tile painted to bring cheer to other patients who follow. Because you’re encouraged to stay with your child throughout his or her treatment, we make sure our patient rooms are comfortable for both of you with ample space, a pull-out couch to sleep on, and family space to prepare food and play games or watch movies as you might in your own home.

Our special pediatric gym, nicknamed "The Big

Top," has been decorated by previous patients. 

Beyond the inviting environment, our pediatric wing is recognized for other things as well. Brooks is one of only two inpatient rehabilitation centers in Florida that treats infants and young children, and we are also designated by the state Brain & Spinal Cord Injury Program for pediatric brain injuries. And since we are a hospital, we are able to address any additional needs your child might have, including diagnostics, lab work or pharmacy services.

 Caring, family-centered treatment

Finally, there is one more important facet to your child’s therapy at Brooks. Family. We provide education and support to everyone—brothers, sisters, grandparents—can play an active role in your child’s recovery. From day one, parents and siblings take part in treatment—not just as decision makers, but as goal-setters, support-givers and hand-holders.

As your child begins treatment, you’ll want to know how you can play a lead role and still balance other family needs. You and your other family members will learn how to build on the skills your child has developed and create a supportive environment for the entire family.

Where work meets play and small steps are big accomplishments

At Brooks, there’s always a plan in place. As your child begins treatment, you’ll want to know what you can expect from the future. And when your child is ready, you’ll want to learn ways to support ongoing progress after discharge. In fact, preparing for your child's discharge and return to school begins early on, so when the time comes, the process goes as smoothly as possible. Brooks’ unique School Re-entry program facilitates your child’s return to school by preparing teachers and classmates and providing ongoing assistance.

Discharge is based on the goals you and your child's care team set. Your case manager will help you and your family prepare for any adjustments in your home to accommodate your child's needs.

Brooks Pediatric Rehabilitation is everything you need so your family can remain a family with the support in place for the new and different experiences you might be facing.

A continuum of care

Even when your child's stay in the hospital is over, Brooks remains committed to helping him or her grow and succeed with our comprehensive continuum of care. Through the resources found in our Outpatient Rehabilitation program, you and your child can continue to progress once he or she is discharged.  


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Outpatient care is essential for many patients following their stay in Brooks Rehabilitation Hospital. Our extensive network of locations makes it convenient too.
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