Orthopedics Patient Story

Glenn Williams uses an Aquaciser to help regain strength in his hip.

How Glenn refuses to stay down.

Glenn Williams—Jaguars football fan and a Jacksonville native—was overseeing one of the largest electrical jobs in his company when he fell 15 feet onto the concrete below, breaking his hip, elbow and wrist.

After three weeks of intense physical and occupational therapy at Brooks Rehabilitation Hospital, he was ready to begin outpatient therapy. Throughout his treatment, Glenn gradually began adding more weight to his hip.

“They put me in an AquaCiser™, which is like an aqua tank. The water lets me move my joints easier. I can make motions like I’m walking on land—without putting extra weight on my hip,” he remembers.

As Glenn continues to gain more strength, he’ll shift from his wheelchair to a walking cane—and eventually walk independently. In the meantime, he’ll look forward to what he loves most: his Jaguars season tickets.

“I’m happy with the work Brooks has done with me,” he says. “They’re real people—you’re not just a number to them. And that means something.”