Orthopedic Rehabilitation

At Brooks, nothing excites us more than helping our patients realize their full potential. In fact, our greatest reward is seeing the tremendous progress you make from when you arrive, to when you return to your home and community. That’s why we approach each and every orthopedic patient with unmatched intensity; so you can be you again as quickly as possible.

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Realizing your full potential

At Brooks, we can draw on our more than 35 years as the region’s leading rehabilitation provider. No one else in the area can provide you the same level of expertise and experience that we can. From hospitalization to outpatient therapy, our treatment teams and innovative programs provide a broad range of specialized rehabilitation services for orthopedic patients.

The Brooks Orthopedic Rehabilitation Program assists patients with any condition of the bones or joints, including those who have undergone orthopedic surgery. Patients who qualify for treatment may include:

  • Bi-lateral joint replacement
  • Fracture of femur (Hip Fracture)

They may also include the following, if certain conditions are met according to federal guidelines:

  • Unilateral joint replacement
  • Knee & hip replacement same side
  • Femur (shaft) fracture
  • Pelvic fracture
  • Other fractures


If you have questions about admission to Brooks, we urge you to call our Admissions Department. One of our specially trained healthcare professionals will evaluate your individual situation and help guide you to the treatment most appropriate for you. Call now

Meet your expert treatment team

Once admitted to Brooks Rehabilitation Hospital, we begin by introducing you to your interdisciplinary rehabilitation team: a core group of individuals dedicated to helping you build your strength, coordination and flexibility. In addition to physical and occupational therapists, a physiatrist—a medical doctor specializing in physical medicine and rehabilitation—will direct your team.

This same team cares for you throughout your stay at Brooks––to guarantee the highest level of personal attention. Our all-encompassing approach is supportive, encouraging and a positive beginning to your recovery. We also know that family is important to your recovery. Everyone from spouses to siblings is a part of your team as well.

Together, you and your treatment team will discuss and set your goals so all team members are working in harmony toward the same end result. Your time with Brooks is the first step on your journey back to your home, your life and yourself.

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Here you are more than a patient

Our goal is to help you transition from feeling like a patient to a person who can operate independently. We’ve learned from experience that intense rehabilitation gets patients mobilized faster. This is why, each weekday, patients receive three or more hours of personally supervised therapy—spaced throughout the day at regular intervals.

We offer the following specialized therapies for our orthopedic patients:

  • Physical therapy – Focuses on mobility while reducing pain and improving, strength, balance and coordination.
  • Occupational therapy – Addresses activities of daily living such as dressing, bathing and toileting, as well as homemaking skills.
  • Recreational therapy – Prepares patients to return to the community and fully participate in life.
  • Aquatic therapy – Promotes muscle relaxation, strengthening and improved circulation in a low impact, relaxing environment.

The quickest route to being you again

All of these resources add up to results: Brooks’ patients have a higher improvement in functioning than the national average. Envision yourself walking, dancing, playing a tennis match—this is how to look forward to your future with the help of Brooks.

A continuum of care

Even when your stay in the hospital is over, Brooks remains committed to helping you grow and succeed with our comprehensive continuum of care.


Brooks Outpatient Rehabilitation
Outpatient care is essential for many patients following their stay in Brooks Rehabilitation Hospital. Our extensive network of locations makes it convenient too.
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