Hip Fracture Patient Story

Moving forward one day at a time

For Maggie, age 80, rehabilitation for her hip fracture was just a detour. She had things to do. She had a life to live.

“Now, I didn’t want to run the marathon,” she says. “I just really wanted to walk, go to the movies, go out with my husband for a walk.”

Brooks Rehabilitation Hospital proved to be the logical next step after Maggie’s acute-care hospital stay. At Brooks, she found the combination of medical care and goal-oriented therapy she needed to get her back to the things she enjoyed most. She received plenty of motivation and TLC from the team of nurses and therapists who cared for her, some of whom she now considers friends.

As she describes, “They are just incredible people. Devoted. Very, very skilled. They motivated me. They told me my goals were to restore myself to whatever degree I wanted.”

Today, Maggie continues her recovery at a Brooks outpatient center. And she’s getting back to what makes her life hers—cooking, driving, walking and cheering her husband on at his tennis matches.

“At Brooks, they made everything so doable.”