Brain Injury Rehabilitation

No one plans on having a brain injury. It can be very frightening when you or a family member faces one. You’ll want to know what recovery is like, what you can expect and how long it will take. At Brooks, we understand this. With more than 35 years of expertise in treating brain injuries, we can help address those overwhelming feelings and answer those difficult questions.


Brooks is the most extensive rehabilitation source in Florida and southeast Georgia and is accredited by the Joint Commission and the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF). We are also one of Florida's only state-designated treatment facilities for brain and spinal cord injuries for children and adults. Designated facilities are required to maintain the highest level of expertise and experience to address the medical, rehabilitation and physiological needs of individuals who sustain brain and spinal cord injuries.

Our comprehensive approach to brain injury rehabilitation begins at Brooks Rehabilitation Hospital—the region’s only inpatient rehabilitation hospital. Here, we provide a full range of therapies and a highly trained staff, experienced in every aspect of brain injury recovery. As patients progress, we offer an intensive Day Treatment program to ease the transition from acute care to home. Our outpatient therapy helps patients continue the progress they’ve made once they’ve returned home. No other program in the area offers patients and their families more care, more therapy and more options for brain injury rehabilitation.

A truly collaborative approach

At Brooks, we support brain injury patients during every step of recovery. Our specially trained healthcare professionals carefully evaluate patients while they are still in the acute care hospital. They answer questions and help patients and families prepare for admission to Brooks Rehabilitation Hospital. Once at Brooks, patients can expect to be cared for by a team of rehabilitation experts. This team includes therapists, nurses and our board-certified physiatrists—medical doctors who specialize in physical medicine and rehabilitation. We also believe family is important to recovery and include them as part of the team as well. Read more about your team at Brooks.

The toughest challenges facing patients with brain injuries are mental and emotional. That's why Brooks neuropsychologists—psychologists who specialize in brain disorders—make it a priority to identify direct consequences of the injury on the patient’s thinking and behavior. They educate and guide patients to set realistic personal goals at each stage of recovery.

Cognitive rehabilitation therapists then work to achieve those goals. Whether it's enabling a child to successfully return to the classroom, or helping an adult return to a productive, self-fulfilling lifestyle, these highly skilled professionals give patients an unparalleled level of care.

Regaining strength, capability and confidence

Recovery from a brain injury through intensive therapy helps patients improve more quickly and function more independently than would otherwise be possible. That’s why each weekday, adult patients receive three or more hours of personally supervised therapy during their inpatient stay. Therapy is spaced throughout the day with meals, nursing care and breaks at regular intervals. Additional therapy and recreational activities are provided on weekends. Read more about the range of therapies provided by Brooks.

Realizing your full potential

We believe an important aspect of recovery is learning how to return to the routine—whether it’s using an ATM or shopping in the produce aisle at the local supermarket. Through the resources found in our Day Treatment and Outpatient Programs, brain injury patients can continue to progress even after they leave Brooks Rehabilitation Hospital.

It is the special combination of our people, our facilities, our experience and our resources that makes Brooks what it is—the quickest route to being you again.

A continuum of care

Even when your stay in the hospital is over, Brooks remains committed to helping you grow and succeed with our comprehensive continuum of care.


Brooks Clubhouse
The Brooks Clubhouse is a full-time day program that provides for the long-term recovery needs of individuals who have suffered from an acquired neurological injury. It expands the continuum of care provided by Brooks Rehabilitation and serves as a bridge to community and vocational re-integration. More details

Brooks Outpatient Rehabilitation
Outpatient care is essential for many patients following their stay in Brooks Rehabilitation Hospital. Our extensive network of locations makes it convenient too.
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