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Centers of Excellence

At Brooks, we offer extensive rehabilitation services to treat a range of conditions. Our five Centers of Excellence represent a combination of experience, expertise, technology and ongoing research that creates a comprehensive and focused vision of rehabilitation. Each of these world-class treatment Centers is led by a dedicated team, including a Medical Director credentialed in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Certified Registered Rehabilitation Nurses and a wide range of therapists, all of whom specialize in your area of treatment.

We believe that you should be cared for by a team that focuses solely on your needs, a team that works with people with your condition every day. With this dedication, we ensure that you will be surrounded by experts with the ability to help you return to home, family and many of the activities you enjoy.

Centers of Excellence in Rehabilitation

A stroke can change how you talk, walk—even the way you look. But it can't change who you are.
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Spinal Cord Injury
A spinal cord injury can bring feelings of uncertainty and confusion. We strive to replace these feelings with ones of hope and optimism.
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Brain Injury
No one plans on having a brain injury. It can be frightening when you or a family member has to deal with one. Brooks can help.
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We measure the success of our littlest patients with giggles and karate kicks, because our goal is for kids to be kids again.
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Nothing excites us more than helping our patients realize their full potential. We approach each orthopedic patient with unmatched intensity.
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Hip Fracture
Brooks provides a broad range of rehabilitation services to help you and your family member recover from a Hip Fracture. More Details