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Brooks Therapy Dogs

Brooks is proud to have a team of
highly specialized experts to provide you with the best care possible. Facility/Therapy Dogs assist  therapists to provide emotional and physical therapy in a professional capacity.

Meet our Therapy Dogs
Brooks currently has 5 therapy dogs, Aspen, Bristol, Cane, Roxie and Ziggy. Our five therapy dogs work throughout the hospital and at our Brooks Clubhouse. The dogs each live with a caretaker who works for Brooks and additional trained handlers who work with them throughout the day.  The therapy assist dogs work with all disciplines, including Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy, Psychology and Nursing.

What is Animal Assisted Therapy?
Each dog must undergo extensive training before they can interact with patients. 4 of the 5 Brooks Therapy dogs are from New Horizons Service Dogs in Orance City, FL and the other dog was privately trained.  Animal assisted therapy takes a goal-oriented approach, which aims at improvement of a specific individual in social skills, verbal skills, range of motion, attention span, etc. Animal assisted therapy is always supervised by a healthcare professional, who decides all the specifics of the therapy, including duration of each visit. 

Benefits of Animal Assisted Therapy
Animal assisted therapy at Brooks promotes socialization, improves self-esteem and security, and provides entertainment and acceptance for patients at our rehabilitation hospital and Brooks Clubhouse. The visitations provide a warm and comforting presence, patient listeners, and a relaxing interlude to patients at Brooks.  Brooks therapy dogs provide companionship as well as assist with therapeutic exercises.  Under direction of qualified health professionals, Brooks therapy dogs can promote physical movement, emotional well being, cognitive awareness and social improvement for people at our rehabiliation hospital and clubhouse.  Brooks therapy dogs also helps patients cope with the stress and anxiety associated with hospitalization.

Click here to view a video featuring 4 of our 5 therapy dogs.