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Sports Therapy


For anyone who is active or athletic, a day not on the courts, course, road or trail is at best unbearable. As athletes ourselves, we at Brooks Center for Sports Therapy recognize this. In order to get you back out there, we offer one of the most comprehensive, evidence-based, sports and orthopaedic physical therapy in the region.

Brooks Center for Sports Therapy
Center Manager: Sarah Abrams

At the Brooks Center for Sports Therapy, you’ll be working with one of the most talented teams of physical therapists in the area. Our staff consists of physical therapists that specialize in non-operative and post-operative care for all orthopaedic and sports-related injuries and conditions. 

We are committed to working closely with our patients and athletes to return them to the highest level of activity possible after injury. We do this by developing and individualizing evidence-based programs specifically for you and your needs.

Standardized Back to Sport Criteria
Brooks Center for Sports Therapy is the only facility in town to offer Standardized Back to Sports Criteria. This program consists of key tests and measures that we perform to ensure that any athlete is truly ready to go back to sport. A safe return to sport should NEVER be a guess.


The Brooks Center for Sports Therapy

We accept referrals from a large variety of physicians (from primary care to surgical specialists), and work closely with your physician to provide the best rehabilitation program possible. 

We not only have some of the most highly skilled sports physical therapists in the area, but we also use the same rehabilitation technologies that many Pro, Division 1 Collegiate, and Olympic teams are using:

Dartfish is a complete state-of-the-art digital video analysis system designed to enhance patients' and athletes’ understanding of their movements and their recovery progress. We use it specifically in our Runners’ Clinic with our Video Running Gait Analysis as well as with analysis of other sport and functional movements. Dartfish was used in 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympic Games - coaches and athletes from many teams used in training and used in world-wide broadcasting - USA viewers saw Dartfish Video Analysis on HD NBC broadcast for both alpine skiing and snowboarding.

Woodway® Treadmill
This unique treadmill has a 3/8-inch thick, rubberized running and walking surface, which reduces impact on joints, muscles and tendons and makes it ideal for sports rehabilitation. Many collegiate and professional teams use Woodway Treadmills, including the Florida Gators and the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Biodex™ Isokinetic Testing and Rehabilitation System
This computerized system performs isolated testing and rehabilitation on any muscle group—ensuring your safe return to sports and activities without re-injury.

Kinesis™ by TechnoGym™
Kinesis is a series of functional cable columns that allow you to imitate sport-specific movement, such as throwing, squatting or lunging to improve strength, flexibility and balance—all at one time. TechnoGym was the official strength and cardiovascular equipment provider for the 2000-2006 Winter and Summer Olympic and Paralympic games.

Aquatic Physical Therapy

Aquatic Physical Therapy is ideal for patients and athletes who cannot yet tolerate land-based exercise, and serves as a “stepping stone” to land-based rehabilitation and function. In our aquatics program, you will get individual attention as you work one-on-one with your therapist to ultimately progress to land-based care. The gravity-reduced environment allows patients to improve muscle strength, endurance, flexibility and range-of-motion earlier after injury or surgery and with significantly less impact on the body.

Our vision here at Brooks Center for Sports Therapy is that all active people and athletes should have access to the same level of sports rehabilitation and technology that the elite and professional athletes have.

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