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School Re-Entry

Successful school reintegration is an essential part of a child's total rehabilitation.  The Brooks School Re-entry program exists to maximize your child's successful transition back to school following a disabling illness or injury. 

Brooks' School Re-entry program strives to be a national leader in providing school transition services for children with disabilities who have been treated at Brooks.  Our School Re-entry Coordinator will focus on providing exceptional service to you and your child while educating you about the process and advocating for what is best for your child. 

The Brooks School Re-entry Coordinator serves as the liaison between your child, the Brooks treatment team, the school system and the family. In some cases, this coordinator can go back to school with your child to explain his or her illness or injury to classmates and teachers. This service gives teachers an opportunity to understand your child's needs and learn strategies for helping him or her succeed. It also allows your child's peers to ask questions and find out how they can be supportive, such as helping him or her hold the tray in the cafeteria.

Not only do we monitor your child through his or her initial transition, but we're available at any point during his or her school years-whether it's helping transition between new teachers, grades or schools.

The Brooks School Re-Entry program is designed to meet the individualized needs of your child and strives to inspire families with hope, confidence, and courage to seek education excellence for your child.

The Brooks School Re-entry Program is funded through Brooks Community Health.


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