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Brooks patients use the SaeboFlex to increase hand function.

At Brooks Outpatient Rehabilitation, neurologically impaired individuals can benefit from the SaeboFlex™—a revolutionary new rehabilitation device that will allow you to immediately begin using your hand to perform functional exercises. The spring-loaded mechanical brace helps you reopen your hand to release or grasp objects. With this device, you can improve strength as well as hand function up to 20 years after a stroke or neurological injury. Brooks therapists have undergone special certification and are among the only providers in the area to offer this therapy.

The SaeboFlex is most appropriate for patients who have some shoulder and elbow movement but no hand function (i.e., lack of active finger extension). If this revolutionary treatment is right for you, there are numerous benefits:

  • Enables spastic tone to become active movement. Both new and old injuries are treatable.
  • Holds the involved hand in a functional position.
  • Assists with thumb and finger extension so grasp and release tasks can be accomplished, improving motor recovery throughout the upper extremity.
  • Improves strength, range of motion, motor control and overall arm function.
  • Medicare covers 80% of the cost for the device.