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Parastep System

Jerry Garrett, shown here with Brooks physical therapist Kerry Cronin, can now stand and walk short distances using a microcomputer-controlled device.

Brooks is committed to bringing the latest advances to our patients. With the use of a microcomputer-controlled device called the Parastep system, some spinal cord injury patients at Brooks are standing and walking again.

Jerry walks again >>

This revolutionary technology gives patients that would otherwise be confined to a wheelchair more freedom and mobility. When applied in the right situation, patients with paralysis can begin moving their legs again with the Parastep system.

The Parastep stimulates your muscles by sending low-voltage electricity through electrodes that are applied to your legs. This electrical current causes the muscles to contract, meaning that you can stand and move your legs. The level and timing of the stimulation is at your control via an easy-to-use keypad.

While not only optimizing patients’ mobility, the Parastep system has other benefits too. By staying up and moving, the system can help reduce the likelihood of developing heart disease or ulcers that can be common from being sedentary in a wheelchair.

Ideal candidates for the Parastep system are patients suffering from spinal cord injuries with no sensation or muscle strength at all in their legs.