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Neurological Disorders Rehabilitation

At Brooks, we understand that it can be very frightening when you or a family member faces a medical condition that requires rehabilitation. We can reassure you and your family by drawing on more than 35 years of expertise to offer a thorough explanation of what you can expect during treatment, as well as how long recovery will take.

In addition to treating brain injuries and stroke, we offer treatment for a variety of other neurological disorders. Rehabilitation at Brooks addresses sensory, motor, cognitive and behavioral processing, which impact functional performance in persons with central nervous system disorders. The focus of the treatment is on restoring cognitive, communication, psychosocial, emotional and physical functions in patients with conditions including:

  • Brain tumor
  • Motor neuron diseases
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Muscular dystrophy
  • Parkinson’s disease

A truly collaborative approach

At Brooks, we support our patients during every step of recovery. Our specially trained healthcare professionals carefully evaluate patients while they are still in the acute care hospital. They answer questions and help patients prepare for treatment at Brooks Rehabilitation Hospital—the region’s only inpatient rehabilitation hospital. Once admitted to our hospital, the patient will be cared for by a team of rehabilitation experts. This team includes therapists from various disciplines, nurses specializing in rehabilitation and our board-certified physiatrists. Family also plays an integral role in recovery and everyone from spouses to siblings will also be members of the team.

A continuum of care

After patients progress through the full range of therapies offered during your inpatient stay, we offer additional therapy that will help you transition from acute care to home. Whether you participate in our intensive Day Treatment program or receive therapy at one of our convenient outpatient locations, no other program in the area offers patients and their families more care, more therapy and more options.