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Brooks patients have access to more board-certified neuropsychologists than any other provider in the region.

The toughest challenges facing patients with brain injuries are mental and emotional.

That's why Brooks neuropsychologists—psychologists who specialize in brain disorders—make it a priority to identify direct consequences of the injury on our patients’ thinking and behavior. 

Our Neuropsycologists educate and guide patients to set realistic personal goals at each stage of recovery.

Patients who have experienced accidents or illnesses including traumatic brain injury, stroke, epilepsy and anoxia may have impairments of memory, attention, problem solving, language, or spatial-perception skills.  Complex cognitive skills require a thorough neuropsychological evaluation to examine these areas as they relate to the brain. 

Following the evaluation, our cognitive therapists will work to achieve the goals that are outlined by the neuropsychologist. To learn more about Neuropsycology and Neuropsychological Evaluations, visit our Neuropsycology FAQs.

To find out our Neuropsychological Evaluations, please call (904) 858-7394.