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Neuro Recovery Center


Brooks Rehabilitation announces the opening of the Neuro Recovery Center. The Brooks Rehabilitation Neuro Recovery Center will provide a seamless transition between stages of recovery for patients within the Brooks Rehabilitation system of care. 

A New Approach to Recovery

As a regional leader in rehabilitation for more than 35 years, Brooks Rehabilitation is focused on the latest in innovation and research-based practices to guide our expertly trained clinicians. We’re committed to providing the best possible care for our patients so they can achieve their best recovery. Traditionally, rehabilitation has focused on compensatory skills to make patients safe and functional in their home environment, without much emphasis on improving the body’s ability to move. New research shows that neuroplasticity (the brain and spinal cord’s ability to change, adapt and learn) requires intense, task specific, repetitive activities to maximize movement and thinking skills. The highest potential for recovery is during the first 1-2 years after an injury or illness, however, most patients usually receive only 5-6 months of recovery activities.

The Brooks Rehabilitation Neuro Recovery Center will allow individuals to continue
their recovery between and after traditional therapies to allow patients to achieve their greatest potential.  Brooks Rehabiltation Neuro Recovery Center:

When is the Brooks Rehabilitation Neuro Recovery Center the Right Choice?

After Inpatient Rehab
Tim acquired a T10 spinal cord injury and had to wear a back brace for 9 more weeks after his inpatient therapy. To best utilize his insurance benefits and to fully benefit from outpatient therapy, he waited to start therapy until his brace came off. Until then, Tim utilized the NRC to continue to build his strength, endurance and functional skills in the interim.

During or After Outpatient Rehab
Susie had a stroke and is really motivated to get as much therapy as possible.  She sees her outpatient therapist 3 days a week and attends the Independent Program 3-6 days a week in her spare time to facilitate her recovery. Her therapist had to discharge her because she exhausted her benefits but planned for Susie to continue working on her functional deficits at the Neuro Recovery Center in order to meet her goals. The structure of the Neuro Recovery Center allowed Susie to continue progressing at her own pace.

Living as a Community Survivor
Robert acquired a brain injury 7 years ago. He felt he could still improve his functional
abilities and looked for a gym to belong to. He could not find one that could adapt the
equipment for his weak side and impaired balance. He also felt the trainers did not
know how to work with someone with a disability. Robert joined the NRC where he had
access to specialized equipment, programs designed for the neurological population and
neurological clinical specialists.

A Customized Program for Every Individual

All members will receive an all encompassing evaluation performed by a neurological physical therapist that will determine which programs will best maximize the potential for neuroplasticity. The clinical experts at the Brooks Rehabilitation Neuro Recovery Center will then develop a customized rehabilitation program to meet the member’s specific needs. Activities range from one-on-one interventions to supervised exercise and group activities with members who are at varying stages of recovery.

Independent Program for a nominal monthly fee, Independent NRC members can have access to wheelchair accessible equipment and equipment designed specifically for neuroplasticity in a gym like setting.

  • Body Weight Supported Treadmill Training – The use of manual assistance and partially unweighting of the body while on a treadmill to improve the ability to ambulate.
  • Aquatic therapy is ideal for members who cannot yet tolerate land-based exercise.
    The warmth of the water helps relax muscles and improve circulation, and th
    buoyancy eliminates stress on the body, letting members work on increasing muscle
    strength, flexibility and range of motion.
  • Circuit Training – A combination of strength and balance exercises to lay the
    foundation for motor recovery. Functional day to day activities will be included in the
    circuit to carry over the skills required at home.
  • FES Bike – Functional electrical stimulation of the peripheral nerves along with the
    patterned movement of the bike allows the muscles to work even if the member has
    limited or no muscle control.
  • Upper Extremity Bioness® - a cutting edge therapy that uses mild electrical stimulation
  • to allow the muscles which open and close the hand to complete everyday tasks.
  • Constraint Induced Movement Therapy (CIMT) – a rehab approach which teaches
    patients to use their impaired arm repetitively to regain function.
  • Brain Gym – A computer lab with interactive software to facilitate cognitive/thinking
    abilities and assist in visual and auditory processing.
  • Zero G- a computerized celing mounted track that allows patients to be harnessed while walking or performing other functional activities
  • LSVT Loud- this specialized program for people living with Parkinson's Disease emphasizes improving voice projection and quality.  This research based protocol teaches people how to cope with the challenges of living with a degenerative disease. 
  • LSVT Big-  this specialized program for people living with Parkinson's Disease emphasizes improving gait, posture and balance. This research based protocol teaches people how to cope with the challenges of living with a degenerative disease. 

Additional programs are offered at a per session cost each is led by a local expert and designed to be enjoyable yet still emphasize the principles of neuroplasticity.



  • Art Therapy
  • Dance Therapy
  • Healthy Cooking
  • Public Speaking
  • Book Club

    The Brooks Rehabilitation Neuro Recovery Center is located within the Brooks Rehabilitation Hospital 3599 University Blvd, Jacksonville, FL 32216.  For more information or to sign up for the Neuro Recovery Center call (904) 345-6812 or fax (904) 345-7663.