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Counseling Services


Experiencing a serious injury or illness can affect you in many ways. It is important for you to realize you are not alone. Brooks Rehabilitation specializes in providing counseling for individuals who have been experienced a serious injury or illness. Brooks has licensed professionals who can help you with the changes they may be experiencing following a serious injury or illness.

It is important to realize that a serious injury or illness can have a major impact on your emotional outlook and health. The decision to seek counseling is important.  Experiencing a major injury or illness often affects your emotions and behaviors. Sometimes these emotions can occur many months after the injury or illness. 

Whether you seek counseling now or in the future, Brooks Rehabilitation is ready to assist you. By deciding to get help, you are making a choice to feel better and to improve your life.
Common Emotions and Behaviors Following a Serious Injury or Illness

• Sadness
• Depression
• Anger
• Irritability

• Frustration
• Restlessness/Agitation
• Anxiety
• Impulsivity
• Adjustment/Coping
• Dependency
• Grief/Loss
• Family Concerns

Types of Counseling

Individual counseling - One-on-one counseling is conducted with a licensed counselor in the privacy of the counselor’s office. This type of counseling works well when you are experiencing difficulties coping with adjusting to the injury or illness and changes in your life. It is common to experience feelings of anxiety, overwhelming sadness, grief, anger, fear, and confusion after experiencing a serious injury or illness.

Family counseling – A serious injury or illness can affect the entire family. It can be difficult not to be able to the things you were able to do before your serious injury or illness. The everyday worries (finances, work, school, chores, driving) and the emotional effects of having a serious injury can have an enormous impact on family and loved ones. Family counseling can help families cope with all of these changes. You can learn how actions and ways of communicating can help reduce stress, misunderstandings, and emotional conflict.

Group counseling – A licensed counselor guides the confidential group counseling sessions. The members of the group are all living with a serious injury or illness and often share similar personal and family struggles. Group counseling can help give you support and encouragement. It is important for you to realize they are not alone.

Conditions We Typically Provide Counseling Services For Include:

  • Spinal Cord Injury
  • Stroke
  • Brain Injury

For more information or to make an appointment contact Brooks Behavioral Medicine at (904) 345-7210 or fax (904) 345-7255.  We are located at the Brooks Rehabilitation Health Care Plaza, 3901 University Blvd S.; Jacksonville, FL 32216