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Community Re-entry

Your time at Brooks is the first step on your journey back to your home, your life and yourself. Brooks offers a variety of services to make the transition from therapy to other environments as easy as possible.

Home Evaluation

Just as every patient is different, so is every home. Our unique home evaluation program is fundamental in helping you transition back into your living area. Brooks occupational therapists visit your home to determine what changes will need to be made to accommodate your needs and ensure safety in the kitchen, bedroom and bathroom. Brooks therapists will help you and your family make the necessary adjustments to the environment before you move back home. Often simple changes like adding a handrail in the tub or shower area, or removing cabinet doors beneath a sink to make it wheelchair accessible, are all that are needed.

This same evaluation can be provided for a work or school environment, increasing personal safety and independence in all areas of life.

School Re-entry

While in Brooks Rehabilitation Hospital, our Duval County school teacher continues to meet the educational needs of our school-age patients. After discharge, the Brooks School Re-entry Program will help your child make a smooth transition. More details