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Cognitive Rehabilitation Therapy


While there may be physical limitations, the toughest challenges facing patients with brain injuries are mental and emotional. Cognitive rehabilitation therapists work closely with neuropsychologists on the treatment team to address and overcome these obstacles.

First, our neuropsychologists make it a priority to identify the direct consequences of the injury on the patient’s thinking and behavior by conducting a neuropsychological evaluation. Then the cognitive therapists work with the patient to develop their treatment goals.

A treatment plan that incorporates both patient strengths and weaknesses is developed. The therapists use a combination of cognitive strategies and/or mnemonic devices to address concentration, language skills, learning, memory, reasoning, judgment, behavioral adjustment and organizational and social skills.

Whether it's enabling a child to successfully return to the classroom or helping an adult return to a productive, self-fulfilling lifestyle, having these highly skilled professionals on hand gives patients an unparalleled level of care.