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Neuro Rehabilitation Day Treatment

Brooks Day Treatment is designed to help patients improve cognitively, physically, socially and emotionally.

Our comprehensive approach to brain injury begins at Brooks Rehabilitation Hospital, where we provide a full range of therapies and a highly trained staff experienced in every aspect of brain injury recovery. It continues in our unique Day Treatment program.

After hospitalization, one of the most valuable steps patients who have a brain injury can take is to participate in our Brain Injury Day Treatment program. This program, along with outpatient therapy, helps to ease the transition from acute care or inpatient rehabilitation to home. It was created to help patients improve cognitive/thinking, communication ability, social skills and emotional stability, all while the patient continues to regain physical abilities. The program creates a wonderful environment for growth, education and camaraderie.


We designed Independence Square as a

simulation of the real world, where patients

can relearn the activities and tasks of

everyday life such as shopping for groceries.

To determine the intensity and length of treatment that will be most beneficial for the patient, care begins with a comprehensive neurobehavioral status exam, or a neuropsychological evaluation. Customized therapy is then available up to four times per week. Physical, occupational, speech and cognitive rehabilitation therapy, as well as psychology and biofeedback are provided in a combination of small group and one-on-one sessions. The treatment team meets weekly to discuss each patient's goals and progress.

There is even a continuum of care within the Brain Injury Day Treatment program. Three modules have been developed to address home, social and community/work skills. A patient can begin the program at any stage, depending on his or her needs. Through a self-rating system, 99% of the participants in this program rated themselves as better than they were before entering.

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Brain Injury Day Treatment Outcomes