SMART Balance Master

We provide the best evaluation and treatment.  It is important to know there are effective treatments available for those experiencing balance problems or dizziness.  We use the latest technology available, the SMART Balance Master®.

SMART Balance Master®

The interactive technology and clinically-proven protocols allow our therapists to best identify and treat balance/vestibular disorders. This equipment allows the clinician to assess sensory, automatic and voluntary motor components of balance control. The objective data it provides help the therapist accurately identify underlying impairments for more effective treatment options.
Interactive, functional training exercises use visual biofeedback and real-time monitoring of movement to help motivate patients to achieve greater balance control faster. Exercise protocols available on the SMART Balance Master can be tailored to meet individual patient needs and can be progressed as the patient's capabilities improve. The system automatically documents all assessments and training sessions so therapists and physicians can monitor patient progress and functional outcomes.