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Vestibular and Balance Rehabilitation


When you're out of balance or are experiencing dizziness, it's hard to enjoy life. In order to get you back to what you love, we use formal, evidence-based physical therapy. The Brooks Balance Center offers state-of-the-art equipment and highly trained physical therapists certified in balance and vestibular disorders.

We Provide the Best Evaluation and Treatment Results

We can help you if you have been diagnosed with the following or are experiencing any of the following symptoms:

BPPV (Positional Vertigo) Imbalance or Disequilibrium
Vertigo Vestibular Neuritis
Falls Dizziness
Cervicogenic Dizziness Acoustic Neuroma
Motion Sensitivity Migraine Associated Dizziness
Peripheral Vestibular Dysfunction Central Vestibular Dysfunction


Specialized Equipment for Evaluation and Treatment

It is important to know there are effective treatments available for those experiencing balance problems or dizziness. We use the latest technology available including SMART Balance Master and Infrared goggles.  At Brooks we also utilize evidence-based treatments that are individualized based on your symptoms and evaluation findings.  This ensures the best possible outcome in the shortest amount of time.

Important Information

Vestibular and Balance disorders are very common, yet many people are unfamiliar with why the vestibular system is so important in everyday activities and how vestibular therapy can help. Click the links below to learn more about the Vestibular System, the Brooks Balance Center and your current risk of falling.

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