Waterford Lakes

BROOKS at Waterford Lakes offers rehabilitation experts specializing in Orthopedics,  Vestibular and Balance Disorders.

Why Choose Brooks in Waterford Lakes

The Brooks clinicians at Waterford Lakes are part of Brooks Health System, one of Florida's most comprehensive rehabilitation organizations and we ensure that the latest advancements in the science of rehabilitation are applied for the benefit of our patients.

Conditions Treated:
Physical Therapy
- Neck
- Back
- Shoulder
- Ankles
- Sports therapy
- Headaches
- Multiple Sclerosis
- Guillian Barre Syndrome
- Manual therapy
- Arthritis
Vestibular and Balance Disorders

With highly specialized rehabilitation experts and friendly office staff, Brooks at Waterford Lakes offers an exceptional experience for patients.
• Proven Outcomes
• Advanced Treatment Options
• State-of-the-Art Equipment and Technology
• Powerful Tools for Patient Education
• Newly Constructed Facility with Spacious Gym and Private Treatment Rooms
• Flexible Appointment Scheduling
• Payment Options Including Help for Under-Insured or No Insurance

Vestibular and Balance Rehabilitation

Vestibular therapists at Brooks have extensive training in treating and evaluating individuals with vestibular and balance disorders. Brooks Balance Services are led by one of only 10 Neurological Certified Specialists in the state of Florida. Therapists at our Waterford Lakes clinic use the latest technology tools available including the SMART Balance Master® and infrared goggles. The SMART Balance Master® provides interactive, functional training exercises that use visual biofeedback and real-time monitoring of movement to help motivate patients to achieve greater balance. Infrared goggles are used to observe and record eye movements while the patient performs certain activities. By evaluating the patient’s eye movement, the therapist can better assess the underlying causes of balance problems. Click here for a listing of vestibular and balance conditions treated.For statistics on balance click here.


Waterford Lakes
801 Woodbury Rd., Suite 103
Orlando, FL 32828
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Monday-Thursday 7am-7pm; Friday 7am-4pm