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Who is Eligible:
• A patient who exhibits unstable vital signs resulting in frequent medication changes and/or a change in care plan
• Patients with a history of frequent hospitalizations
• A patient who lives alone
• A patient taking over 9 medications
• Patients with a primary diagnosis of heart failure

The Brooks Home Care Advantage Telehealth/Telemonitoring Program allows the Brooks home health care team to monitor a patient’s condition 7 days a week while the patient stays in the comfort of home.

How it Works:

Following a hospital discharge for an acute illness or injury, Brooks Home Care Advantage’s RN performs an initial assessment of a patient’s overall health condition. During this comprehensive assessment, it is determined whether or not the Telehealth Program would benefit the patient.

Patients in the Telehealth Program will be given the equipment and trained on how to use it properly. Every day, patients are prompted to take their own vital signs measurements, which may include one or more of the following: blood pressure, weight, oxygen saturations and glucose. Patients may participate in answering short assessment surveys that are prescheduled. They may also receive a symptom questionnaire if their daily vital sign is outside of the expected parameters. Brooks Home Care Advantage clinicians will receive a red flag trigger to check into this patient’s answers to the symptoms survey.

Benefits of the Telehealth Program

  • The entire care team can stay more informed through daily monitoring
  • Empowers the patients to take an active role in monitoring their vital signs each day
  • Helps the patient become more educated about self-care and healthier behaviors
  • Regular monitoring allows for earlier intervention to avoid Rehospitalizations and decrease emergency room visits

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