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Brooks Home Care Advantage Mission & Commitment

Our mission is to enable seniors in our community to overcome life's challenges by facilitating their independence and enhancing the quality of their lives, allowing them to remain in the comfort of their own homes.

independence above all. We are committed to enabling our seniors to live and be as secure as possible in the privacy of their own home.

to work to enhance our client's quality of life by enabling them to live in their own familiar surroundings. We will assist the client to be as self-sufficient as possible. We will approach our mission respectfully and recognize the people we serve as individuals.

is to assure our clients and their families that all aspects of care will be provided for and are constantly reassessed. Our focus is on the individual, their concerns, needs and wants. We will be the life-connection for our clients.

Brooks Home Care Advantage
5836 Richard Street
Jacksonville, FL 32216
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State License
HHA 2999991243
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