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Outpatient Process

In addition to our unmatched experience, extensive programming and convenient locations, there’s another major reason to seek treatment at Brooks Outpatient Rehabilitation: results. We know how to get them. Whether you’re recovering from a traumatic accident, a sports injury, or anything in between, we offer what few can—a highly trained staff experienced in every aspect of recovery.

Your comprehensive treatment plan

From the moment you begin as an outpatient at Brooks, we will create a unique therapy program that allows you to achieve all of your personal rehabilitation goals. We also work closely with your family to help you regain optimal independence and maximum health.

Our physical therapists work directly with you, using proven hands-on techniques to release trigger points, strengthen and stretch muscles and break-up muscle restrictions. If appropriate, occupational therapists as well as speech-language pathologists will also work closely with you. This highly personalized approach gives you a greater chance of achieving the best outcome. Brooks offers patients more types and more hours of therapy than any other area rehabilitation system, which guarantees you greater improvement as an outpatient at Brooks than you would achieve in the same amount of time at another facility.

Before You Arrive

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