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Brooks is committed to providing top-quality rehabilitation from the most highly credentialed healthcare professionals available, and ensuring that the care is accessible to our patients. Please understand that payment for all deductions, and co-payments, is expected at the time of inpatient admission or outpatient service.

Questions About Coverage

Questions about your insurance company’s specific coverage are best directed to the insurance company itself. Or, if you are covered under a group policy through work, you should direct those kinds of questions to your employer. In all cases, you—not your insurer—are responsible for all payments for hospital and medical services.

Questions About Payment

If you have any questions related to the charges shown on your statement, or if you would like to discuss payment options, please contact us at (904) 345-7390. 

We will do our utmost to work with you and your insurance company.  At times we must contact your insurance company on your behalf and we may need to enlist your help.

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