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Policies for Conducting Research at Brooks

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Federal regulations and Brooks research policies, regulations and procedures require upholding the strictest of guidelines to best serve our patients. Within these pages, you will find information detailing Brooks Rehabilitation and federal policies and procedures for all areas of research. Please feel free to contact the research center at anytime for more information at (904) 345-8970.


Policies for Conducting Research at Brooks

1. Policies and Procedures for Research

2. Terms of the Federal Wide Assurance for Protection of Human Subjects

3. Statement of Ethical Principles and Guidelines for Research

4. Training Requirements for the Protection of Human Subjects in Research

5. Institutional Review Board (IRB) Review & Oversight

6. Conducting Research at Brooks

7. The Brooks Local Scientific Advisory Committee

8. Independent Investigator Agreements

9. Investigator Responsibilities

10. Guidelines for Recruitment of Research Participants

11. The Informed Consent Process

12. HIPAA and Clinical Research

13. Reporting Unanticipated Problems and Adverse Events Involving Human Subjects

14. Reporting Research Concerns and Complaints

15. Responding to Medical Emergencies in the Research Setting