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Conducting Research at Brooks 

Policies for Conducting and Participating in Research at Brooks

Brooks Rehabilitation offers the opportunity to conduct clinical research at multiple levels at the Brooks Clinical Research Center, Brooks Rehabilitation Hospital, Brooks Outpatient Centers or Brooks Center for Sports therapy. Each of these facilities has been designated for pilot or case studies at various levels and sizes.

Brooks is proud to be involved in over 20 clinical research trials to improve our evidence based practice and quality of care for our patients. Brooks research policies and procedures have been developed to focus on best practice to ensure consistency, compliance and accountability of all personnel engaged in research at Brooks. Brooks seeks to provide comprehensive and practical policies in order to assist the research team:

• to achieve maximum safety and efficiency;
• to achieve uniformity of procedures;
• to ensure data reliability and integrity; and
• to ensure compliance with Good Clinical Practice, FDA and HHS regulations and guidelines (as applicable) for conducting research studies and clinical trials at Brooks.

Brooks Rehabilitation is dedicated to providing an environment in which our patients receive the best possible care. Our success hinges on advocating for research, providing a high level of service to our patients and staff, creating innovative partnerships, and expecting excellence. We hold ourselves to a high level of integrity as we work towards the best care of our patients through treatment, research and improved outcomes. In doing so, all individuals involved in research must adhere, understand and live by all relevant laws, regulations, and policies related to research.

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If you have a research idea, would like to submit a grant for funding, or want to determine if Brooks could be a site for your clinical trial, please contact Holly Morris, Research Director at (904) 345-7302. All investigators who wish to conduct research at Brooks must submit an Application for Research. This form and other required documentation (listed below) should be submitted electronically to Holly Morris at We thank you for interest in working with the Brooks Clinical Research Center and Brooks Rehabilitation to conduct valuable research leading to improved outcomes for our patients.

1. Application for Research

Part A: Project Information 
Part B: Resource Request
Part C: Project Funding and Proposed Site Budget

2. Protocol

3. Informed Consents(s), if available

4. Curriculum Vitae of Principal Investigator (if not previously submitted)

5. IRB approval letter, if available



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