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Neurobehavioral Effects of HYBRID Vs. CIMT for UE Hemiparesis Post Stroke 

Brooks Clinical Research Center is currently recruiting subjects for an UE CIMT/Hybrid feasibility study. This study will directly compare two known therapies- Constraint- Induced Movement Therapy and HYBRID (combined functional task practice and power training) to determine how each can improve of the hemi-paretic arm. These two studies have shown meaningful effect, however, they have not been compared to each other.

This study, funded by Brooks Endowment Grant, is looking to enroll 4 patients. The purpose of this study is to directly compare HYBRID training with conventional CIMT. In addition to measuring clinical and functional-behavioral effects on arm use, we will determine whether the therapies produce different effects on Brain excitability. Carolyn Patten, Ph. D, PT is the Principal Investigator of this study. To be included in this study a patient must have:

Inclusion Criteria:
Must have had a stroke
2 to 6 months post stroke
Some movement in elbow/shoulder
Some movement in wrist, thumb and any 2 digits

Exclusion Criteria:
Bilateral CVA
No pacemaker, no metal plate or objects in skull

The study design is broken down into two groups:

Group 1: HYBRID
M-F x 2 weeks
3 hours a day
Treatment includes 1.5 hours on Biodex and 1.5 hours doing functional training (basically CIMT without the mitt)

Group 2: CIMT
M-F x 2 weeks
6 hours a day
CIMT: wear mitt and perform functional activities. Will continue wearing mitt at home for 90% of day.

If you would like more information on this study please, contact Molly Dunn, Research PT at (904) 345-8989 or Margo Fitch, Research PT at (904) 345-8969. 

Brooks Rehabilitation Clinical Research Center and Neuro Recovery Center will be working together on a new Aphasia and Aerobic Exercise Therapy Study

The study aims to investigate whether language interventions combined with physical activity can assist with treating language functions following a stroke. Kat Cunningham and Chris Adams from the NRC will be completing the physical activity portion of the protocol and the team of Jodi Morgan, Ceil Brooks and Flo Singletary will be involved in conducting the Aphasia therapy. This study will be conducted under the guidance of Dr. Stacy Harnish, University of Florida.

If you have trouble communicating or for more information on this study call Jodi Morgan at (904) 345-8987 or Flo Singletary at (904) 345-8973 or click here to view the study flier.


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