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Brain Injury Team


In order to optimize the chances for success, it takes the dedication of a team of experts.  We have assembled this team to provide the resources to help you in your recovery.These brain injury professionals could be a part of your team in any one of our settings.

Medical Director Brooks Rehabilitation Hospital Brain Injury Center of Excellence.

Kenneth Ngo, M.D. is the Medical Director for the Brooks Rehabilitation Brain Injury Program.  Dr. Ngo completed his residency in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation at the Medical College of Wisconsin. He received his doctorate from the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health in 2006 and completed his internship at the Michigan State University. In addition to the inpatient Brain Injury Program, he plans to expand the scope of outpatient services within the Brooks Rehabilitation continuum of care to include a spasticity management clinic and the Brooks Concussion Assessment and Rehabilitation Program.

Program Director for Inpatient Brain Injury Program

Cynthia Beaulieu, Ph.D., ABPP-CN, Program Director for the Brain Injury Center of Excellence, joined Brooks in 1988 and has the distinction of being the first board-certified clinical neuropsychologist in northeast Florida. In addition to her work at Brooks, she is an accomplished researcher, reviewer, author and speaker. Beaulieu is a clinical researcher at the Brooks Center for Rehabilitative Studies in collaboration with the University of Florida; a Principal Investigator for a large scale NIH and NIDRR funded research project investigating critical factors impacting TBI recovery and outcomes; past Site Investigator for the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation; and Clinical Instructor at the University of North Florida—to name a few of her professional activities. Beaulieu will be working very closely with Dr. Ngo. 


Program Director for Brain Injury Day Treatment Program and Psychological Services

Russell Addeo, Ph.D., ABPP-CN





Your Brain Injury Team

Rehabilitation Medicine – A medical doctor who specializes in physical medicine and rehabilitation manages medical issues and medication concerns.

Rehabilitation nurse – A registered nurse (RN) specializing in rehabilitation is a key element of care while in Brooks Rehabilitation Hospital.

Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA)- A CNA provides personal hygiene and daily living needs. They provide comfort, transportation, and monitor the patient's vital signs.

Physical therapist – Evaluates, treats and educates the patient about ways to maximize functional abilities and mobility in order to increase independence.

Occupational therapist – Teaches the patient new ways to function comfortably and efficiently at home or at work.

Speech-language pathologist – Treats speech, language, voice and swallowing conditions sometimes associated with brain injury.

Cognitive therapist – Helps brain injury patients improve deficits such as poor concentration, reasoning and problem-solving.

Recreation therapist – Uses recreation as a therapeutic tool to help return patients to a life that includes recreation and leisure activities.

Psychologist – Assists patients and family with mental and emotional needs relating to adapting to life after sustaining a brain injury. The psychologist will provide psychological evaluations, individual psychotherapy and marital/family therapy, as needed.

Neuropsychologist – Specializes in brain disorders and is essential for treating impairments of memory, language, decision-making or perception.

Case manager – In charge of handling communication regarding patient progress with you, your family and your insurance provider, as needed.

Dietitian – Acts as a consultant to help all patients eat a healthy and appropriate diet.

Chaplain – Available as a resource to all patients independent of religious affiliation or belief system. The chaplain offers a variety of forms of support, including listening and helping you and your family work through the difficulties that arise from having a brain injury.

Clubhouse Manager- Manages day to day operations of the Brooks Clubhouse. The Clubhouse helps individuals regain social, physical, cognitive and vocational abilities following an acquired brain injury or stroke. Not only do members participate in activities, but they have the opportunity to manage Clubhouse operations, helping them reestablish themselves in the community and return to work.

Vocational Services Supervisor- Assists with skill building and development  of job placement for Brooks Clubhouse members.