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Brain Injury Symptoms

Acute Brain Injury:

Altered level of consciousness (vegetative, minimally conscious)
Altered mental status (confusion, disorientation, delirium)
Aberrant, inappropriate behaviors (agitation, combativeness)
Inability to provide self-care

Post Acute Brain Injury:
Listed by Location of Injury

Difficulty regulating body systems (heart rate, breathing)
Difficulty swallowing
Dizziness, nausea
Sleep disorders

Difficulty with coordinated movements
Difficulty making rapid movements

Frontal Lobes:
Loss of spontaneity
Changes in social behavior
Changes in personality
Difficulty problem-solving
Difficulty performing steps to complete a task
Loss of flexibility in thinking
Persistence of single thoughts or statements
Mood swings
Changes or loss of speech

Temporal Lobes:
Difficulty recognizing faces
Difficulty understanding others
Difficulty with selective attention
Difficulty in identifying, recognizing and describing objects
Difficulty learning new information
Short-term memory loss
Changes in sexual behavior

Parietal Lobes:
Difficulty naming objects
Difficulty attending to more than one object
Difficulty drawing objects
Difficulty distinguishing left and right
Difficulty performing math
Difficulty reading
Difficulty writing
Difficulty with eye-hand coordination
Difficulty focusing visual attention
Neglect of body parts and or objects in the environment

Occipital Lobes:
Loss of vision in visual fields
Difficulty locating objects in the environment
Difficulty recognizing colors
Difficulty recognizing objects
Difficulty recognizing words
Difficulty recognizing shapes
Difficulty with reading and writing
Blindness without awareness