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What's New at Brooks? 

May 2009

Stroke Wellness Program

 Brooks Rehabilitation is proud to offer a Stroke Wellness Program, which provides patients with customized exercise programs and nutrition education to support the goal of restoring strength, endurance and agility after a stroke. Designed by the Brooks team of stroke experts, this program is the only one of its kind in Jacksonville.  For more information click here

For a listing of classes and their availablility click here.  For more information about the Brooks Adaptive Fitness program contact Julie Schafer by phone (904) 854-2088or by email.

All classes are held at the Brooks Family YMCA. 

May is Stroke Awareness Month

In honor of the Stroke Awareness Month, Brooks is offering the following activities for staff and patients:

1.  Free Blood Pressure Screenings every Tuesday and Thursday in May, from 11:00 to 12:00 in the Sandpiper Cafe. The nursing students of Concorde College, in partnership with Brooks, have volunteered to screen Blood Pressure to help raise awareness of the risk factors of stroke and empower us toward better management of our health. Before you eat, take a seat. 
2.  Stroke fact of the day: daily emails are sent out to staff about stroke
3.  Giveme5 for Stroke campaign: Look for the flyer and wear the yellow sticker to encourage others to ask about giveme5 and learn the warning signs.
4.  Heart healthty cooking class with Brooks' "celebrity" chefs.  Learn about healthy foods and try samples prepared by the surprise chefs. 

Brooks Endowment Funds New Study: Mechanisms of Restoring Gait Post-Stroke: Role of the Ankle Plantarflexors (STRAP)

A new study funded by the Brooks Endowment Fund examines the role of the ankle plantarflexors in restoring gait post-stroke. Forty individuals in the first six months following stroke, referred to outpatient physical therapy at the Health Care Plaza will be recruited for this study. They will be randomized into one of two treatment groups that and the outcomes will be compared. A unique feature of this study is that it partners with the Brooks Neurologic Residents who will serve as blinded assessors for this study.

The overall goal of this research program is to develop and evaluate evidenced-based therapeutic interventions that promote restitution of impairments that will maximize functional outcomes post-stroke. The specific objective of this application is to evaluate a targeted ankle plantar flexor strengthening program on the restitution of the paretic limb contribution to gait.

Enrollment for this project has begun. To quality for the study the patient must: be diagnosed with their first stroke in the last 180 days, 2) independent advancement of paretic leg and receive physical therapy services at a Brooks Health Care Plaza outpatient facility.

 For more information on this study please contact Project Coordinator: Jackie Causer at (904) 345-8970 or Jackie.causer@brookshealth.org.  Click here to view study flier.